With a median donation of just $20 and over 1,000 individual donations, #TeamGinger has raised over $60,000 – the most of any Minneapolis City Council campaign that doesn’t take money from big business or developers.

But corporate cash is already flooding in to try to buy our elections. Let’s make history and build a movement-based alternative to corporate politics-as-usual.

Donation Guidelines

  • Employer information is required by campaign finance law. If unemployed list "unemployed," if self employed, list "self employed" as employer and describe your occupation, if retired list "retired," and if a student list the school as your employer and "student" as occupation
  • Only U.S. citizens are legally allowed to donate to the campaign 
  • The maximum contribution for calendar year 2017 is $600 per person ($1,200 per couple).  
  • Checks can be addressed to Vote Ginger Jentzen and mailed to:

    P.O. Box 583162
    Minneapolis, MN 55458

 Please note your full name, contact information (phone and email), address, employer and occupation for campaign finance tracking.